Review in The Requiem

Ah, I’ve entered the second blissful realm of ELEND. As the duet of angels came rushing forth serenading me with a sensation of ascension, my ardor was suddenly crushed by a wind so boreal, so saturnine, I fell for what seemed like an eternity; I fell. During my descent, those two angels tried desperately to save my fall; to prevent me falling too far. Their voices sang songs of adoration and beauty, solace. I felt my body slow, no longer and more powerful than before, using their songs to prevent… to prevent my fall into the depths. My sensations began to crumble once more; overpowering. I’m weightless, without emotion. Tartarean wail came from the black; no longer weightless, but falling again, again. I feel their voices battling now. Black tearing white, leaving only red. All hope is lost -- black. Voices sounding again, from the red, they sang until no trace of red could be seen. Glowing a blinding white -- hope. Over powering the deep wails, tartans. Vanished for now. My back began to arch upward, and without asperity, I rose. I was filled with the revere of their voices, completely filled. The battle was not over, however. Realization came in the form of astonishment; defend. Their beautiful voices were suppressed in sonorous screams. Too many; screams wrought misery only Appolyon could bring. As I fell, now within their grasp, desperation entered; I was theirs. I heard no majesty in their screams, no grand symphony was this, but I would hear this for the rest of my time. Now encompassed by the blackest of black, all hope was lost once more.

Chris Dick
The Requiem, Vol.7