Review in Chronicles of Chaos

The first time I listened to _The Umbersun_, I was alone, in a very dimly lit large room, in the middle of the night, and in -especially- low spirits. I listened to it loud, with headphones. Under these conditions, I can assure you that _The Umbersun_ is quite an amazing experience, to say the least. And even if the conditions are relaxed to a situation more likely to happen, plenty can still be drawn from listening to _The Umbersun_. As I descended into my chamber after 66 minutes of _The Umbersun_, not a single nice melodic piece seemed to remain in my ears -- rather the echoes of the thundrous, rapturous symphonies of the first half of Elend's darkest work to date and the sullen desolation of the second (not that it doesn't have melody, though). "Au Trefonds des Tenebres", this final chapter of the "Officium Tenebrarum" trilogy, is much more chaotic and less melodic than _Les Tenebres du Dehors_ throughout its first half, approximately (especially the first, fourth and sixth tracks). It then tends to become softer and more melodic as the end draws nearer, with more tranquil (yet always sombre) parts akin to those of its predecessors. (If you're confused, reading my review of _Les Tenebres du Dehors_ in CoC #19 might help.) Overall, _The Umbersun_ is even darker than Elend's previous works, mainly because of the orchestration changes. The addition of a -large- choir is also noticeable, even though the vocal approach is still similar to _Les Tenebres du Dehors_. As I went to sleep, the words that remained in my mind were those whispered after all the music was silent: "Ils m'entourent, les gemissements de la Mort." ("They surround me, the wailings of Death.")

Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)