Review in The Grimoire

These female vocals are those of a hurt angel. Whenever such perfection is heard by a mortal, the effects are otherworldly. I was at once gripped by intense feeling – incredibly inescapable. Although my eyes were open, what I saw were not the surroundings of my body, but the visions brought forth by that haunting and sorrowful voice. It was one of the times that that I have felt my soul. As I heard the voice my body was as nothing, except the shuddering in my chest as my heart burst at the sounds of the angel! She has captured the most painful feelings, not only in her singing, but in her ability to transport them into my soul! Relentless hellish chanting froze me in terror long undreamt. This is true song. The voice build emotion to terrifying levels, almost to the point of collapse, but rescues at the last possible moments with such a complete sense of calm that there is not a shred of darkness within me. The voice grips the soul, searches it, and plucks out every black fibre, excruciatingly. But it is quick to soothe the wounds. Never have I wept so piteously. Tears born of horror and of crushing sadness escape my anguished eyes. No witch or warlock has ever held such power! To break a man’s heart and to pull out his essence, re-shaping it as it was meant… that is a power that resides only in the voice of an angel. This album is a sacrament. Turn out the electric light, prepare a candle, and ascend into brilliant realm beyond. It is possible with her. The music is masterful, not in complexity, but in its ability to seize emotions and direct them as they spin in increasing power. If music has never made thee feel torment, horror, power, sadness, pity, peace, and forgiveness, this is thy chance. Masters long dead are reborn on Elend. Let it heal thee. Vocals that make thee feel the beauty of a woman… the most passionate intervals, harmonies, and arpeggios ever heard will bring thee into tearful trance. (If it was not apparent, the, the music can best be described as “classical.” True aficionados will know another way.)

Bill Zebub