Sep 10 2021  -   Remastered Winds Cycle albums on CD

The remastered CD versions of the three Winds Cycle albums are being released today by NoEvDia.

The Umbersun was finally made available on Bandcamp on August 3, 2021.

Apr 16 2021  -   Remastered Winds Cycle albums available on vinyl

It took us almost two years, but they are finally here: the vinyl versions of ELEND's three Winds Cycle albums (re-issue of the CD versions to follow in the course of the summer). Remastered with an obsessive attention to detail, cut at the finest cutting studios in Europe, both test and final pressing made in a small boutique plant specialized in limited deluxe runs, here in France. This is as close to craftsmanship as it can get.

Kudos to NoEvDia for their dedication and perseverance!

Dec 22 2020  -   Just in time for the holiday season, this announcement of an anniversary re-issue:

Exactly 26 years after its very limited release, OTUS SCOPS's "Les Neiges éternelles" has finally been made available to the public...
Visit the band's page on Bandcamp:

Greetings to everyone who was involved in this project at one point or another... First and foremost, endless gratitude to all band members and the recording's original engineer. Thanks also to the bands OTUS SCOPS shared the stage and the rehearsal spaces with. And cheers to all the fans who kept wondering and asking about this obscure remnant of a nearly forgotten time before ELEND came into being.

Aug 25 2020  -   Upcoming new album and remastered re-releases

The three albums of ELEND's Winds Cycle are now officially available on Bandcamp and all the major streaming sites.

Several months were spent meticulously remastering them at The Tidefall, in line with the requirements of each format. The CD and vinyl versions will be released this winter by Noevdia together with a new ELEND album, the band's first in thirteen years.

Two new ELEND T-shirts, designed by Dehn Sora, are available as well, directly from NoEvDia or via Bandcamp.

Remastered versions of ELEND's first two albums and the appended mini-album will also be released digitally in the near future.

Feb 25 2012  -   Elend on Facebook & Soundcloud

The Elend community page on Facebook has become official: many thanks to Akram who created the page and will continue to administrate it together with us.

Furthermore, you can listen to some Elend tracks and an Ensemble Orphique demo piece on Iskandar Hasnawi's Soundcloud page.

As well as to Redbird on the Tidefall Soundcloud page:

Ensemble Orphique on Facebook:

Tidefall Mastering on Facebook:

We will also be administrating the Elend page on - as soon as we receive clearance.
More to come soon.

Oct 07 2008  -   Merchandising + news

For the first time since the Officium Tenebrarum releases new Elend t-shirts have been manufactured.
2 motifs, limited to 100 copies each, are now available. Please refer to the Orphika webshop.

1997's Weeping Nights has been added to the available items as well.

Please note that the vinyl editions of the Winds cycle albums have been cancelled.

2 demo pieces (recorded in 2000, mastered in 2008) from Renaud Tschirner’s project Redbird are available on the Redbird Myspace page:
Elend fans will discover another, more soothing side to A World in Their Screams vocalist Laura Angelmayer. Founded by Tschirner in 1999, Redbird revealed Angelmayer before she took part in the Elend adventure. After a hiatus of several years devoted to Elend, work on a full-length Redbird album was finally resumed earlier this year and new recordings have been in progress ever since.

Iskandar Hasnawi is currently composing and recording for Ensemble Orphique's first album. Sessions have been planned at Studio des moines for early 2009 in the hope of having all music composed and recorded by the end of this year. Present core line-up is Iskandar Hasnawi, Esteri Rémond, Alexandre Geus. Session musicians will also participate in the recording.

Although we all need to focus on less heavy-weight projects for the time being, a further collaboration of Elend’s main protagonists is intended at some indefinite future date. A considerable corpus of unreleased, almost finished Elend pieces originally written and recorded for Elend’s Winds cycle (mostly the vocals are missing) awaits completion and final mixing. They will be issued eventually, either as Elend releases or as part of an Elend-related project. We will keep you informed.

Thank you for your continued interest in our work.

Iskandar Hasnawi, Sébastien Roland, Renaud Tschirner / ELEND

Oct 05 2008  -   The Umbersun reissue, reviews

Reviews in English:

Lords of Metal



Chroniques en français:


The French Touch


Deutschsprachige Rezensionen:


Apr 20 2008  -   The Umbersun available

The remastered edition of The Umbersun / Au tréfonds des ténèbres is now available as digipak CD and double LP on the ORPHIKA webshop. You can place your orders.

Check out exclusive streaming samples from this release on the official ELEND Myspace page:

More samples from the 2002-2007 Winds Cycle can also be heard there, as well as on the following page:

Mar 11 2008  -   The Umbersun re-release

The Umbersun / Au tréfonds des ténèbres is officially being reissued as a 10-year anniversary edition by ORPHIKA, a division of NOEVDIA (ref. orph01).

tu cover

ELEND have secured a worldwide license deal (excluding Poland) between SonyBMG UK, owner of recording rights, and ORPHIKA.
This edition, which was carefully remastered by ELEND, will feature the original artwork (refused by Music for Nations at the time) and a bonus track recorded during the same sessions and initially intended for a limited edition which was never released. The album will be available as digipak CD and double vinyl LP.
Release date for both editions will be April 21, 2008.

ELEND take this opportunity to call to the public's attention the fact that in early 2007 Metal Mind Productions (Poland) released The Umbersun in a digipak version for the Polish market only. Please note that this Polish version, though legal, was done without consulting or informing ELEND in any way. This edition is not remastered, it does not contain the bonus track and the artwork featured was merely scanned from the Music for Nations jewel case edition without access to the original layout files. ELEND hereby officially distance themselves from this unprofessional edition that was done without their consent while they were negotiating their own license agreement.

The ORPHIKA website and webshop are under construction and should be opened in the near future. Meanwhile, a temporary version of the ORPHIKA webshop is being installed on the official ELEND Myspace page, which functions as an extension of the ELEND website:

Elend's official Myspace page

In addition to the new ORPHIKA release, short sleeve T-shirts with two different motifs will be available soon. The webshop will open once ORPHIKA have received the CDs, LPs and T-shirts.

Exclusive streaming samples from The Umbersun / Au tréfonds des ténèbres will also be available there. Please bear in mind that these samples are presented in streaming quality and that their lo-fi sound does not reflect the quality of the production in any way.

Oct 17 2007  -   New interview online

English Elend interview with Zero Tolerance in the interviews section.

Oct 09 2007  -   Downloads section updated

Russian translation of all Officium texts available in the downloads section, provided by Vladeimir. Kudos & many thanks.

Sep 26 2007  -   New interview online

New interview in French available here (Thrashocore).

Great news and massive site update coming soon.

Jun 27 2007  -   New interview online

Elend have just answered some questions for the excellent French webzine The French Touch.

May 30 2007  -   A World in Their Screams text and translation

The complete text of A World in Their Screams and its English translation are now available as pdf-files in the downloads section.

May 15 2007  -   Site updates

2 pieces from A World in Their Screams are available in the downloads section.

Check out all the other updates:
Discography, bio & links sections updated, new gallery, new wallpaper, latest interviews and reviews for the new album.

Apr 25 2007  -   Release date postponed in Europe except France

A World in Their Screams was released in France on Monday, April 23, but the release date had to be postponed in Germany (May 4) and the rest of Europe (May 7) due to manufacturing delays.

News taken from the Prophecy Productions website.

Mar 12 2007  -   A World in Their Screams completed


We are very glad to announce our collaboration with our new licensee ORPHIKA, a division of NOEVDIA dedicated to ELEND and its related projects. ORPHIKA will be ELEND’s exclusive licensee for the United States & Canada via SEASON OF MIST AMERICA / CAROLINE DISTRIBUTION. They will also re-release the first two albums of the Winds Cycle in domestic versions.


A World in Their Screams was finally completed after two years of hard work, delays and postponements.

awits cover

The track-list is as follows:

* Ophis puthôn
* A World in Their Screams
* Ondes de sang
* Le Dévoreur
* Le Fleuve infini des morts
* Je rassemblais tes membres
* Stasis
* Borée
* La Carrière d'ombre
* J'ai touché aux confins de la mort
* Urserpens

You can listen to exclusive samples from the album on our official myspace page.

Contrary to previous announcements A World in Their Screams will be the last album of the Winds Cycle. You will find more information about the recording, the circumstances of its production, etc. soon on this website.

The album will be released on April 23, 2007 through HOLY RECORDS (France) and PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS (rest of Europe), and on May 22, 2007 through ORPHIKA (USA & Canada) in a luxurious digisleeve (Europe) / digipak (America) edition.

Furthermore, a limited double LP edition on heavy-weight vinyl with booklet will be released through ORPHIKA (500 units).


We would also like to draw your attention to the official ELEND Myspace page, which functions as an extension of the ELEND website:
Elend official myspace page

Exclusive streaming samples from A World in Their Screams are already available there. Please bear in mind that these samples are presented in streaming quality and that their lo-fi sound does not reflect the quality of our production in any way.

Feb 06 2007  -   New interviews online

Interviews sections 2005 (english) & 2004 (french) updated.

Feb 03 2007  -   New album

Elend's new album A World in Their Screams will be released April 23, 2007 through Holy Records (France), Prophecy Productions (rest of Europe) and Orphika - a division of Noevdia, via Season of Mist America / Caroline (USA).

A World in Their Screams

Jul 23 2006  -   Officium translation

Due to numerous requests Elend have provided an English translation of the Latin / Greek / French / Hebrew lyrics of their Officium Tenebrarum cycle. A pdf-file is available in the downloads section.

Jul 15 2006  -   Gallery 2005

New gallery online! Click here.

Jul 08 2006  -   New interview

A recent interview with Elend can be found at

Click here.

May 27 2006  -   newsletter

you can now sign up for the Elend newsletter. sorry for the delay.

--the webmaster

May 10 2006  -   Elend and Ensemble Orphique releases postponed

Due to difficulties during the mixing process as well as incompatible band and label agendas, Elend had to delay the release of A World in Their Screams. Further mixing sessions will take place this summer and early autumn, hopefully for a release in late 2006, otherwise early 2007.
The mixing and subsequent release of Ensemble Orphique's first album have been postponed as well.

May 05 2006  -   

the newsletter-subscription is defunct atm. please check back in a couple of days.

-- the webmaster

May 04 2006  -   New website online

Welcome to the redesigned Elend website.

Feel free to subscribe to the newsletter...

New reviews and interviews have been put online - more downloads will be available soon.

Feb 28 2006  -   

Due to the fact that priority is given to completing the production of the forthcoming album, the new website will be launched with a slight delay - in the course of March 2006. Thank you for your patience.

Feb 01 2006  -   

The members of Elend are currently completing the mixing of their 6th album / 7th release. A World in Their Screams has been announced as the darkest and most violent album of Elend's "Winds Cycle".

The album, which was recorded with about 20 instrumentalists and vocalists of the Ensemble Orphique at Studio des moines, Paris, during the autumn of 2005, is currently being mixed at The Fall. Once again, it is produced by Elend.
The release date has been scheduled for late May / early June 2006 by Holy Records (France) and Prophecy Productions (rest of Europe).

Additionally, the Elend website is being redesigned. Version 2 should be launched in the course of February 2006.

Oct 14 2005  -   

Elend have completed the recording of the orchestral parts of their so far untitled 7th album.
Furthermore, the strings sections for the first album of a female vocals project that will be released under the name Ensemble Orphique have also been recorded. All sessions took place at Studio des moines in Paris. The members are now heading back to The Fall for the recording of the vocal parts and the mix. Both these albums will be released in the first half of 2006. More news soon.

Aug 18 2005  -   

Downloads section updated. New pieces from The Umbersun available!

Jul 22 2005  -   

Interviews and links sections updated.

Jul 18 2005  -   

The latest interview with Elend can be found at

Click here.

Jul 06 2005  -   

Elend are currently busy scoring the music and planning the recording sessions of their new studio album. The sessions will take place at Studio des moines in Paris, once again featuring members of the Ensemble Orphique. Scheduled release: spring 2006. More news as we get them.

Mar 24 2005  -   

Lots of new reviews online.

Mar 21 2005  -   

Updated the interview-section of 2004 and 2005.

Feb 14 2005  -   

The latest interview with Elend as well as reviews can be found at

Interview here.
Latest review here.

Jan 13 2005  -   Elend chat

Elend founders Iskandar Hasnawi and Renaud Tschirner will be the guests of for an online chat of approx.1 hour on Monday, January 24, 20.00 CET.

Info and links can be found here.

Participants will need to register first in order to access the chatroom; follow this link.

Wait until the "einverstanden" button becomes clickable and fill out the form.

Participants need to have java installed.

For the non-German speakers among you, here is a little lexical help:
Nutzername: login name
Wiederholen: confirm by retyping
Senden: send out form
Löschen: cancel

Dec 01 2004  -   

The latest interviews with Elend can be found here:


More to come.

Nov 23 2004  -   

Additional interviews, reviews and pictures have been added to the website during the past month...

Sep 20 2004  -   

Elend's 6th album Sunwar the Dead was released on September 13th.

For the time being, the album is available through Holy Records (France) and Prophecy Productions (most of Europe).
Just like Winds Devouring Men the CD comes in a luxurious digisleeve with 24-page booklet. Please check out the discography menu for more information on those albums.

The previous album Winds Devouring Men (2003) is still available through

* Goimusic (Spain, Portugal, South America)
* Holy Records (France)
* Prophecy Productions (rest of Europe; North America via The End Records)