Sunwar the Dead (2004)

Winds Cycle, II

cover of sunwar the dead
  1 Chaomphalos [4:24]    
  2 Ardour [5:10]    
  3 Sunwar the Dead [4:31]   mp3
  4 Ares in Their Eyes [6:02]   mp3
  5 The Hemlock Sea [5:40]    
  6 La Terre n'aime pas le sang [5:00]    
  7 A Song of Ashes [6:34]    
  8 Laceration [5:04]   mp3
  9 Poliorketika [4:32]    
10 Blood and Grey Skies Entwined [6:00]    
11 Threnos [6:00]   mp3

Sunwar the Dead (Holy Records 2004; Holy95CDX)
Digisleeve, 24-page booklet

Sunwar the Dead (Prophecy Productions 2004; Pro071)
Digisleeve, 24-page booklet

Album length: 59:04

Esteri Rémond
solo soprano
Camille Balarie, Louise Legendre, Julia Michaelis, Chloé Nadeau, Esteri Rémond, Séverine Ronsard, Anna Maria Sarasto, Karine Sylvain
female choir
David Kempf
solo violin, first violin, solo viola, conductor
Ismaël Guy, Inga Larusdottir, Elsa Saulnier
first violins
Sylvain Daumard, Hélène Hector, Sébastien Thaumon
second violins
Émilie Dunand, Étienne Philibert, Isabelle Robel
third violins
Shinji Chihara, David Choreman, Mathieu Hilbert
first violas
Sandra Cardon, Judith Thomas, Emma Urbanek
second violas
Julie Corda, Alexandre Grimaud, Anne Tigier
third violas
Vincent Catulescu, Catherine Fiolka
first cellos
Anne Fournier, Benjamin Rabenau
second cellos
Christian Dourinat, Éléonore Toinon
third cellos
Raymond Lebars, Yves Levignon, Arnaud Pioncet
Nizar Attawi
nay flutes
Estelle Sandrard
bass flute
Vladimir Jamet
Camille Drillon, Samuel Gresch
Michaël Hardy
bass clarinet
Klaus Amann
trumpet, french horn
Samir Husseini, Philippe Laumond
french horns
Arnaud Pasquier
René Adam
bass trombone
Marc Bertaud
timpani, bass drums
Alexandre Clément
bass drums, snare drum
Paul Lantenot
cymbals, gongs, tamtam
Pierre Mangin
various bells, steel drums, windchimes
Simon Eberl
industrial devices
All other instruments (flutes, prepared piano, spinet and other keyboards, santur, percussion) and vocals, sound-design and programming by Iskandar Hasnawi, Sébastien Roland and Renaud Tschirner.
Ensemble work recorded at Studio des Moines. Solo work recorded at The Fall.
Engineered and produced by Hasnawi/Roland/Tschirner at The Fall.
Texts by Hasnawi, with excerpts from Hesiodus' Theogonia, Archilochus (apud Stobaeum), Aeschylus' Septem contra Thebas and Persae, Euripides' Hecuba, Xenophon's Anabasis, Arthur Rimbaud's Vers nouveaux et chansons, T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land and Landscapes.
Music by Hasnawi/Tschirner. (c) Copyright Control 2004.
Photography and design by Hasnawi/Tschirner.
(p) 2004 the copyright in this sound recording is owned by Iskandar Hasnawi, Sébastien Roland and Renaud Tschirner.
(c) 2004 Iskandar Hasnawi, Sébastien Roland and Renaud Tschirner.
All logos and trademarks protected.

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