A World in Their Screams
Borée [edit] (128).mp3 3.06Mb 128kbps
Borée [edit] (192).mp3 4.60Mb 192kbps
Borée [edit] (256).mp3 6.13Mb 256kbps
Stasis (128).mp3 4.44Mb 128kbps
Stasis (192).mp3 6.66Mb 192kbps
Stasis (256).mp3 8.88Mb 256kbps
Sunwar the Dead
Ares in Their Eyes [excerpt] (128).mp3 682.76Kb 128kbps
Ares in Their Eyes [excerpt] (192).mp3 1,021.53Kb 192kbps
Ares in Their Eyes [excerpt] (256).mp3 1.33Mb 256kbps
Laceration (128).mp3 4.66Mb 128kbps
Laceration (192).mp3 6.96Mb 192kbps
Laceration (256).mp3 9.29Mb 256kbps
Sunwar the Dead [excerpt] (128).mp3 472.15Kb 128kbps
Sunwar the Dead [excerpt] (192).mp3 706.08Kb 192kbps
Sunwar the Dead [excerpt] (256).mp3 941.82Kb 256kbps
Threnos (128).mp3 5.51Mb 128kbps
Threnos (192).mp3 8.25Mb 192kbps
Threnos (256).mp3 11.01Mb 256kbps
The Umbersun
Au tréfonds des ténèbres (128).mp3 4.63Mb 128kbps
Au tréfonds des ténèbres (192).mp3 6.94Mb 192kbps
Au tréfonds des ténèbres (256).mp3 9.26Mb 256kbps
Melpomene (128).mp3 9.54Mb 128kbps
Melpomene (192).mp3 14.32Mb 192kbps
Melpomene (256).mp3 19.10Mb 256kbps
Winds Devouring Men
The Newborn Sailor (128).mp3 5.40Mb 128kbps
The Newborn Sailor (192).mp3 8.09Mb 192kbps
The Newborn Sailor (256).mp3 10.79Mb 256kbps
The Poisonous Eye (128).mp3 6.34Mb 128kbps
The Poisonous Eye (192).mp3 9.49Mb 192kbps
The Poisonous Eye (256).mp3 12.66Mb 256kbps